ONG Internationale des Médecins et Acteurs de Santé pour la Promotion des Soins de Santé Primaires

A membership application can be done very simply by email, mail, phone or visit one of our offices. For an overview of Doctors of Africa and its activities, we recommend you visit our website or download the presentation document.

First step: documents needed to know you better

In order to better consider your application, we will ask you to provide (either initially or at a later time, free to you) a CV, covering letter and completed registration form.

You can fill out the form below
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This will allow us to know from others if you just want to be sympathetic in supporting us by joining correspondent African Doctors in your city, region or country or if we can entrust a more accurate within the Association.

Second step: integration of Africa official Doctors

Anyway, to be fully integrated with MDA, we will ask you to read our constitution and our charter, which have the spirit in which we work and sign a commitment letter indicating that you agree to abide . You will receive your membership card Doctors of Africa. Download the statutes, la charter and note the commitment for Doctors of Africa.